What is a Pop & Go

pop_and_go_out_of_boundsA Pop & Go® is a premier example of specialty gluing and Wunderlich ingenuity at its best (not to mention florists nationwide love it). But simply put, a Pop & Go® is a floral arrangement box to help floral customers transport their arrangements from the florist to their destination. The patented design keeps the arrangement from falling over in the car.

Wunderlich designer, Greg Jackson, invented the box to help streamline labor costs other floral boxes imposed. A lot of folding, stapling, and difficulty went into floral boxes available in the marketplace. And it was costing florists valuable time and money.

So, with Wunderlich’s specialty gluing capabilities, Greg designed a box with not one, but two auto crash locks and a multi-circumference opening on top. The crash locks allow the box to be put together in seconds without staples, folding, tape or tabs. And many different-sized vases fit each multi-circumference opening. Here is a video that shows how quickly our floral box can be setup.

Watch Our Demo!

Wunderlich now manufactures many sizes and styles of the Pop & Go®. You can visit our website to learn more.

Here is what just one customer had to say about our Pop & Go® Floral Boxes:

These are the best boxes I can find and the price is fantastic. This is the best thing you could ever add to your arrangements for the price. We include them free with every order going to a business because the price is so reasonable. Eric