JBloom Designs/Miss Missouri Pageant

jbloomSports are a big part of my life, and being a part of a team is what I enjoy more than anything! So when JBloom Designs needed a partner to help create shippers for their jewelry business I was more than happy to join the team. Along with our outstanding design team, we were able to create shippers that cover the wide range of orders JBloom receives daily.

A recent bonus included being able to team up JBloom with Miss Greater St. Charles, Sydney Benson. Jennifer at JBloom was able to style Sydney with jewelry sets based on the different outfits/gowns she wore this past weekend in the Miss Missouri Pageant! Thank you to both Jennifer and Bret for helping Sydney work towards achieving her dream!


About the author: Glen Shields is a member of the Wunderlich Client Relations Team. He uses his vast experience in the packaging industry to connect customers with innovative ideas and solutions to move their business forward.



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