sustainabilityWunderlich produces packaging solutions that promote customers’ products and ensure sustainable business practices for a healthy environment at work, home and in the greater community.

We engineer packaging with sustainability in mind. We strive to meet package requirements using the most efficient materials and manufacturing processes. We constantly work toward removing materials that harm the environment by developing innovative alternatives.

Examples of our Commitment to Sustainability

  • All the Corrugated Fiber Board in our manufacturing process is recycled.
  • About 3,500 cubic feet of plastic strapping waste is recycled annually.
  • Ink buckets are recycled.
  • Sales staff now driving more fuel efficient cars saving over 1800 gallons of gasoline per year and reducing CO2 emissions by more than 38,000 pounds per year.
  • Converted to cleaner, more fuel efficient fork trucks.
  • Recycle office paper, printer cartridges and aluminum cans.