Variety Beer Pack Design Perfect for Craft Brewers

Creating a variety beer pack to showcase seasonal flavors is a project our structural design team embraced with gusto. And, honestly, we think they brewed up something a little special 🙂

THE CHALLENGE presented was to create an impact with branded packaging that could be stacked on a quarter pallet or in a display for grocery, liquor or club stores. The packaging was hand packed with 4 flavors of beer. So, quick and efficient setup was a must. Seasonal, rotating flavors needed to be showcased in the packaging but not in the printing.

THE SOLUTION provided by our team created the wow factor the customer was seeking. Feature-rich with stunning, label-quality direct print, each challenge was successfully addressed.

  • 4 windows on the front panel showcase the seasonal flavors by allowing an opening for the labels to show through. However, the print remains generic with plenty of space for branding.
  • Openings on the top of the case for the bottle caps to show through revealing flavors.
  • Center tuck-top closure creates clean front and back top edges (no ragged corrugated edges showing).
  • Auto-bottom pops up and allows for fast, easy setup essential for hand packed items. No tape necessary.
  • Ergonomically placed hand holes are hinged to provide a comfortable grip for the retail customer.

Interested in creating your own craft beer box? Contact us today!

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